EduVault Is An Innovative Platform That Provides A Secure And Efficient Way To Manage And Store Education Credentials.

With its centralized repository, user-friendly interface, and automated verification process, EduVault streamlines the credential verification process for academic institutions, employers, and individuals. Additionally, its integration with existing systems and accessibility from anywhere, anytime make it a convenient solution for all parties involved.

Key Features of EduVault

Centralized Repository

Simplify the verification of educational credentials by storing and managing certificates, transcripts, and other security-based items in one secure location with EduVault’s centralized repository. In later phases, EduVault plans to add student cards to this repository.

Trusted and Secure Verification

Rest easy knowing that your sensitive educational documents are protected by state-of-the-art security protocols that guarantee authenticity with EduVault’s secure verification process.

Microsoft Entra Verified ID

EduVault utilizes Microsoft Entra Verified ID to ensure that all sensitive information remains secure. Verifiable credentials generated by this service are stored within the highly secure Microsoft Authenticator app.

User-friendly Interface

EduVault’s user-friendly interface makes verification quick and easy for all parties involved.


Access your verified education credentials from anywhere, at any time with EduVault’s accessible platform.

Automated Verification

Eliminate the need for manual checks and reduce the risk of errors with EduVault’s automated verification process.

Reporting and Analytics

Analyze data such as usage by students with EduVault’s reporting and analytics capabilities. Rest assured that personal data will not be used in analytics.

Integration with existing systems

EduVault’s standard APIs make it easy to integrate with existing Student Information Systems, ensuring a seamless experience for all.

The Student, University and Employer Use Case

Each verifiable credential is a signed container of identity data from an authoritative source (Issuer) that an individual or entity (User) can choose to share with another entity (Verifier).

EduVault is the ultimate solution for Education Credential Verification. Our platform offers a secure and efficient way to issue, store, and verify education credentials and certifications, providing numerous benefits to all our target audiences.

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