Why Your University Needs a Reliable Education Credential Verification Platform

In recent years, the education landscape has undergone enormous transformation, and higher education institutions are expected to keep up with the rapid pace of change while providing efficient service to their students and partners.

One critical area that needs improvement to keep up with this change is education credential verification. Traditional methods of education credential verification are slow and inefficient. They require multiple internal checks, balances, and business processes to verify students before they can begin to access their credentials. This long-winded process not only inconveniences students, but university staff alike, making their work unnecessarily difficult and inefficient

While traditional paper-based methods of verifying education credentials may have worked for the world of yesteryear, when stacked against the arsenal of technology at our fingers today it is slow, inaccessible, and prone to inaccuracies. This causes significant delays and inconvenience for institutions and stakeholders, and these archaic systems contribute to a greater issue of academic fraud, diluting the reputation of distinguished institutions. According to a journal published by Springer in 2023, the global academic fraud industry is now estimated at a record high valuation of $21 Billion USD. Universities and higher education institutions now more than ever need a reliable education verification platform like EduVault to combat the unethical use of technology.

Secure Verification for Confident Hiring

Traditional education credential verification is a slow, lengthy process which often takes universities days to complete. Attempting to make these systems more secure can also make them difficult to access, further frustrating students and their potential employers. Ensuring the accuracy and accessibility of students’ education credentials should be a top priority for universities to help graduates secure employment and maintain the integrity of the institution’s reputation. Beyond this, education verification systems should be simple and user friendly, making it as easy for a student to access their education credentials as it is to digitally access your boarding pass before a flight. A secure verification platform like EduVault allows universities and students to do just this.

The Benefits of a Secure Verification Platform

A secure education verification platform, like EduVault, is a must-have for universities to avoid fraud and damaged reputation. But a secure education verification platform also provides profound benefits to education institutions, including:

Faster Verification Process

Gaining access to one’s educational credentials can be delayed for weeks or even months with traditional verification methods, impeding students and faculty employees alike. However, EduVault offers a secure and fast platform for education credential verification. This unique system ensures instant access to verified records, which saves both time and money.

Increased Accuracy and Authenticity

Education credentials can be prone to fraud, which can cause significant problems for universities and higher education institutes and often lead to legal implications. By using a secure verification platform like EduVault, institutions can ensure that the information they provide is quick, authentic, and verified.

Improved Efficiency

Traditional verification methods can be time-consuming and labour-intensive, resulting in delays in and costing universities unnecessary resources. A secure and streamlined verification system can save universities time and resources, allowing them to focus on other important tasks.

Enhanced security

Data breaches and identity theft are growing concerns in the digital age. EduVault’s secure verification platform uses state-of-the-art security measures to protect sensitive information, providing peace of mind for universities and higher education institutes. The platform employs Microsoft Entra Verified ID as its login and certificate generation solution, utilizing a standards-based decentralized identity approach to enhance user, app, device, and service provider trust and security.

Enhanced reputation

Using a reliable verification system demonstrates a university’s commitment to academic integrity and credibility, which can enhance their reputation and standing in the academic community.

Safeguarding the Future Workforce with Eduvault

Universities play a vital role in meeting the increasing demand for a skilled workforce. However, they are also faced with the important task of ensuring the future workforce is not diluted with fraud. This is where EduVault can make a difference.
EduVault is a secure and reliable platform that provides instant and accurate education credential verification. Our platform streamlines the verification process by allowing universities to securely upload and store their students’ credentials on our platform, meaning that universities no longer need to manually verify credentials, reducing the risk of errors and inaccuracies, and making the lives of university staff easier.
EduVault allows universities to share verified credentials easily and securely with third parties, like employers, government agencies, or other educational institutions, providing a more efficient and seamless process for all parties involved, saving time and money.
Moreover, EduVault uses advanced security measures, including blockchain technology, to ensure that all data is secure and tamper-proof, and that all verified credentials are authentic and reliable.

From Traditional to Technological: The Evolution of Education Credential Verification

The importance of education credential verification cannot be overstated. As the education landscape continues to evolve, it’s critical for universities to adopt modern and reliable verification systems. We urge universities to prioritize the implementation of secure and efficient education verification systems like EduVault, to ensure the success of their students and maintain the integrity of their institution. If you’re convinced that your university needs a secure education credential verification platform, then it’s time to consider EduVault.

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