Your Secure Platform for Education Credential Verification

Our centralized repository simplifies the validation of educational credentials and certifications by storing and verifying them in one secure location. With advanced security protocols, EduVault ensures the authenticity and protection of sensitive educational documents, while providing a user-friendly and easily accessible platform from anywhere.

EduVault is ideal for academic institutions, professional associations, and industry organizations that require a secure vault to store verified education student results and credentials. Students can access and share their verified credentials with potential employers or government agencies, ensuring the authenticity of their academic records.

EduVault is the future of education certification. Get started now and secure your education credentials with EduVault!

Who is EduVault for?

EduVault caters to several target audiences - The Issuer, The User, and The Verifiers

The Issuer

Educational Institutions

Universities, colleges, and trade schools require a secure and efficient solution to issue and verify education credentials for their students, members and alumni. EduVault provides a platform that streamlines this process, improving the credibility of their programs and enhancing the reputation of their institution.

Professional Associations and Industry Organizations:

Associations and organizations that offer certifications or professional designations need a trusted and efficient way to issue and verify these credentials. EduVault offers a solution that provides tamper-proof and verified credentials, increasing the credibility of these designations and simplifying the verification process for both the association and their members.

The Individual

Students and Job Seekers

Individuals who have earned education credentials need to prove their qualifications to potential employers, educational institutions, and government agencies. EduVault’s solution provides verifiable and tamper-proof credentials that can help them stand out in a competitive job market and make the verification process easier.

The Verifiers


Companies and organizations need to verify the education credentials of job candidates to ensure they meet the required qualifications. EduVault’s solution provides verified and tamper-proof credentials that can save them time and effort in the screening process.

Government Agencies

Government agencies may need to verify the education credentials of individuals for various reasons, such as granting licenses or security clearances. EduVault’s solution provides verifiable credentials that streamline this process and increase security.

Student Requests Verifiable Credential from Institution

An ecosystem of organizations, workplaces, governments, schools, institutions, and individuals function as trusted issuers and verifiers for verifiable credentials, with users granting permission and managing access through their digital wallet.

Why EduVault

At EduVault, we understand the challenges facing universities and educational institutions when it comes to verifiable credentials and trusted storage. That’s why we offer a standardized and secure platform that provides numerous benefits, including: 

Centralized Repository

EduVault provides a centralized repository that simplifies the validation of educational credentials and certifications by storing and verifying them in one secure location.

Trusted Platform

EduVault leverages Microsoft Technology to ensure the highest levels of security and privacy.

Advanced Security Protocols

Our platform ensures the authenticity and protection of sensitive educational documents, with advanced security protocols that meet high standards for data protection and compliance with relevant laws and regulations.

Simple Integration

EduVault can easily integrate into your institution’s existing systems via connectors and API’s.

Improved Efficiency

EduVault can streamline the process of issuing, managing, and revoking certificates. This can save time for staff and students and help to reduce errors and administrative burdens.

Credentials Fully Automated

Instantly design, deliver, and track thousands of fully branded, verifiable credentials in minutes – freeing up time, money, and resources.

Choose EduVault for a standardized, secure, and cost-effective solution to Education Credential Verification. Contact us today to learn more about how we can benefit your institution.

EduVault is the ultimate solution for Education Credential Verification. Our platform offers a secure and efficient way to issue, store, and verify education credentials and certifications, providing numerous benefits to all our target audiences.

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